About Us

The first meeting of the Board of Directors of the Kushla Water District was held in the home of James H, Creel in Kushla, Mobile County Alabama, at 6:30 p.m. on April 22, 1974. The members of the Board who were present for the first meeting were David I. Robinson, Julius Rice, Jack D. Wright, and James H. Creel. Mr. G. A. McBenge, was also a Board member, but was unable to attend the first meeting. Michael D. Langan was one of the acting attorneys for the Authority, and he assisted Board members through the business at hand: adoption of by-laws, election of officers, determining a mailing address; adoption of the Service Rules and Regulations of the Kushla Water Authority; choosing a bank for financial transactions for the Authority; designation of authorized signers at the bank; bonding of the chairman and treasurer; contracting for legal services with Joseph N and Michael D Langan; hiring an engineer; Nicholas L. Smith; approving a pre-application for federal assistance; approval to purchase a well and tank site for $1,790..00, and have attorneys record the deed in the Mobile County Probate Court records. The final matter considered by the Board was to execute and sign Form 400-1, Equal Opportunity Agreement, Form FHA 400-4, Nondiscrimination Agreement, and Form FHA 442-47, Loan Agreement